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Amy P. was recently on The Approval Matrix, and was asked about the difficulties the “modern man” face. 

Her response was perfect.

(gif via amypoehler, article via micdotcom)


(Source: amypoehler)

I think the world would be a better place if we stuck to one acceptable way of commenting on what is on a fellow adult’s plate. That way is ‘That looks delicious’ + some variation of ‘Where did you get it/how did you make it/does it taste as good as it looks/smells/Is it like this other thing that is also delicious?’


#398: I’m tired of explaining my medical condition and food choices to “helpful” folks. « CaptainAwkward.com

Haven’t finished reading this post yet but already I’m in love.

americastestkitchen, like a magical sitar that only speaks the truth:

Because it’s never too early in the morning for bloopers from Cook’s Country